The Cobblestone Pub - Get your "Cheers" on!

Bud Lee opened The Cobblestone Pub in 1983 and has kept it in the family ever since. Currently, the third generation of the family is becoming involved on an ownership level and plans are to keep the English Style Pub in the family for many years to come.
Over the years, the Pub has seen many changes... the original seating capacity was 49 patrons and has grown to the amount of 200. There have been four major additions to the pub and you can call the Liquor Store a fifth addition to the property.
The community has grown immensely and third generation shareholder Dave "Jr" can remember sweeping the rocks out of the parking lot when he was five years old, (Holland Avenue was still a gravel road back then). The regulars and people in the community can claim a lot of responsibility for the success of the pub because of their continual support. There are many regulars that still frequent the pub after 33 years of business. Two regulars who have passed, requested to have some of their ashes up on the memorabilia shelves and it doesn't end there. Others have also requested a spot for them when the time comes.
"Without our regulars, we wouldn't be who we are and as passionate as we are about our little pub," says Dave Kral.  
As far as the employees go, there are multiple staff who have worked at the Cobblestone for decades! Leading the pack is "Lynn" who is working on her 23rd year of service. This is an incredible testament to the "Cheers" like atmosphere that the pub has become.
Most recently, there are some dominos that need to fall into place to allow for an outdoor patio but it shouldn't be too much longer! Many have requested a patio and there is a definite need. As the liquor laws change, there may be some flexibility to have minors in the pub during the daytime but nothing is official just yet.
Stay tuned with The Cobblestone as they continue to improve their serving ways to Cobble Hill and surrounding communities. There will be many great years and memories to come... Thanks to You - the people who have become part of the Cobblestone family!